5 stars

THE PLOT: ‘Letter to My Daughter’ by Maya Angelou is a collection of short essays by the esteemed author. Littered with witty observations, poetry and memoir, Angelou shares a range of life lessons. Although Angelou never had a biological daughter, she addresses this book to all women: ‘black and white, Jewish and Muslim’…’gay and straight, educated and unlettered’. She is speaking to us all and this is her offering to us.

REVIEW: What can I say? What rating can I give? I’m changing up my review format for this book because I can’t critique it like a novel. This book isn’t trying to be anything and we need to take it as it is. It’s thoughts, musings and anecdotes. It’s a particularly inspiring commencement address. I’d recommend this book to anyone who loves Angelou. Who loves Morrison. Who loves poetry. Who loves essays. Who loves Black women. It’s for anyone who thinks of themselves as the offspring of this literary foremother.

Thank you to Virago Press who sent me this book in a #gifted bundle for UK Black History Month.

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